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Thursday, 26 September 2013

Accident Video

We used a close shot of the football, with Mahalias feet stepping beside the football to open in an intriguing way. We then went on to use a master shot which pans across, establishing the whole scene and the relationships between the characters. This shot is extremely important, especially with our space being so broad in this video. Therefore there was clear continuity and this shot helps all the other shots with continuity, as that shot clarified everything about this video, i.e, Mahalia (left) is about to try and shoot a goal gaurded by a very scared Josh.
We then used a 'old west' style of juxtaposition of a close-up of each characters face, with their eyes being the main focus. The cross-cutting also emphasized the contrast in characters, and again it was continuous to the previous shot; Mahalia looking determined and Josh looking frightened.
We then used cross-cutting once more, to go from Mahalia kicking the ball, to it hitting Josh on the head. We used this not only because we weren't sure of the reality of getting a shot of the ball actually hitting Josh, but also because we wanted a clear mid-shot of his reaction, to add to the comical effect. We in fact had to take extra care with the shot, so that it was in Josh's general direction, making it believable that it could have hit him in the head.

In hindsight, we could have perhaps had our master shot in the beginning of our video, to establish everything from the start. We also should have been more careful with noises; throughout the video you can hear noises form a distant football match that was going on, which was useful and added a positive, authentic effect, although perhaps we should be careful to make sure all of the noises have continuity, and don't make the video look discontinuous, by suddenly skipping to a different noise, although I don't think that was a major problem. The noise at the end of someone speaking is in the future I would be more careful bout, luckily, it could seem fitting in this case, however next time, if there is noise, I would make sure it's relevant to the video and doesn't take away form it's continuity.

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