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Thursday, 19 September 2013

Genre Establishing Photo

We took this in the dark room, with the red lights on, and that red colouring really establishes the genre in my eyes, and with red being immediately associated with blood, the audience will hopefully get the feeling that this film would be a bloody and grusome. It also can dipict that this character is the main murderer, along with the fact the shot is just on him, with him being in a black hoody and scary mask. He also is swinging a baseball bat towards the camera, again giving away his character. The fact the baeball bat is in movement gives it the effect that he was swinging it very fast, towards you, and is very scary. The mask also being in focus whilst you have the swinging of the bat, makes this even more terrifying, as you can see this scary mask clearly, and just the swinging bat coming in movement towards you.

I think this colouring, especially with us not being able to edit our photos, gave a great effect to establish our character and genre. I also think the costume does the same and is really successful too. An additional effect that is quite successful, that we in fact did not plan, is the pictures hanging in the background, which again set the genre and give it a creepy effect. The setting is also quite effective too, paired with the pictures in the background, it looks as if it could be some sort of dark room the killer resides in, stalking people and planning his murderous doings etc, which is often in a lot of horror and murder films.

However, this could also be a disadvantage, as I do think that there is too much of the background setting in the shot, and it does take away from the character and baseball bat, which should be our main focus and dominating our photo, so maybe it so maybe all our focus should have been on our character, and not the background. I also think perhaps we could have gotten better positioning of the bat (higher up), and we should've discovered the dark room quicker, so we could take more shots and perfect our shot (as we were rushed for time).

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