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Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Art of the Title Grid

1. Three best friends compete for the attention of the schools new heartthrob. The friends catch sight of the new guy as he comes in, leading to their inevitable fights and schemes.
2. The setting, characters and their relationships are established through a master shot. The title and actors are also shown through the text, and the genre is established through the high school setting and characters, with the comical features and bright colours. The 'college campus' style of font also adds to this.
3. Firstly, the actual title 'The Competition' depicts to the audience that there is going to be a competition going on, between the girls, subsequently for the guy. Secondly, the font is a 'college style' which goes well with the fact it is a high school/teen movie genre, and the fact it is stamped on is fitting to the genre too.
4. Intrigue in the audience as he is slowly revealed, making the audience curious and also showing this characters significance. As it is a Rom-Com, the audience should laugh at the exaggerated reactions of girls to the 'new guy'. As the audience know, from the pictures of them all seeming to like him, them fighting, and the name of the film,that there is some sort of 'competition' going on, they should be wondering who will win, (perhaps even routing for someone in particular,) and will their friendship survive? And of course they will know from the comical exaggerations from the images that this 'competition' will be a hilarious ride.
5.The Master shot establishes the setting, an American High School, the characters and their relationships, three best friends. The close-up, slow reveal of our male character, causes tension and curiosity, also highlighting the importance of this character. The close-ups of each individual character shows detail and personality of their individual characters, in addition adding a comical effect suiting the genre, as their faces are comically exaggerated. The costumes and props clearly establish the characters and their personalities and the bright colouring establishes the genre.
6. I think it is effective as it has continuity; everything is clearly established to the audience, i.e setting, genre, characters, story-line. I think the audience will easily recognize everything and so will get into the film. I think the colour scheme is very fit to the genre. The camera movement is not too extreme, and flows so that the audience can easily follow.

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