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Sunday, 13 October 2013

Dexter Evaluation

1. Summarise the conventions of title sequences that were most important to this task.
Title sequences are both an introduction to the film's actors and directors, but it is also a legal obligation;contracts include terms which set out and specify sometimes when and for how long their name is on the title sequence, and so it must be done within strict confinements. They can often 'set the scene' for the movie, establishing the genre of the movie and giving the audience a feel of the movie's contents. It can draw attention to certain aspects of the film or a character. The actual titles can also, with modern technology, interact with the characters and environment in the background.
2. How did your group plan to edit the title sequence?
We watched through the sequence once more, and then began to see points where we saw opportunities for titles, for instance where there is plenty of empty/clear space. We then went alone putting the names in where appropriate, and trying to find a font and colour to suit the series.  
3. Explain the creative decisions made by your group.
We also looked for clever ways for the names to appear and disappear, for example, we had a name placed and disappearing when his hand slapped a mosquito. Another example is when a hand is slowly drifted away, and we were able to place it and put effects on it so it faded and driften away in a similar manner. We wanted the colour to be white, not read, as even though red would be suiting to the genre, but white looked better on every shot. 
4. How does your re-edit compare to the original?
Our re-edit was obviously not finished and so they had many more titles than us, however even with where we got up to, we hadn't packed in our tightly as tightly as them. The original also wasn't as creative/imaginative as we were in our appearance and disappearance, and were fairly standard, which was to our disappointment. 

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  1. Well done Yssy. Your homework posts have all been presented to a high standard and you have shown very good theoretical understanding in each task. You also use technical terminology well. You are making very good progress, so please maintain this high standard of work.