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Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Call Sheets and Shootboards

Our first shoot was a location shoot during the half term. On this shoot we intended to get all of our outdoor location shots done, which was around central London. We didn't make a call sheet, nor be to precise with timings on our shoot board, as we weren't sure how long each shot could take due to things out of our control in the environment e.g. the weather, public, transportation etc. However we did leave two whole days to ensure that either way, it would get done.
Shootboard for the 28/29th October
This was our first studio shoot, and we decided to take advantage of this and schedule in all three main performance shoots and concept shots too.
Call Sheet for the 3rd November

Shootboards for the 3rd November

This was our next studio session in which we a more time-generous approach after our first jam-packed shoot, with only one concept and one performance shot to perfect.
Shootboard for the 10th November

This was a more complicated shoot, with various people coming in and out of the studio for our music video. We thought that by having this short burst of all the extra people we needed in one day early on, that our filming process would be made slightly easier. We had various extras coming in to create the club scene, a dancer for our dance sequence, and a concept shot which involved a lot of water being flicked around.
Call Sheet for the 11th November

Shootboard for the 11th November
This shoot in the studio focused on getting the publicity shots, and one more performance shot. 
Shootboard for the 19th November
This shoot in the studio aimed to get the two main performance shots perfected, altering any mistakes made previously.
Shootboard for the 22nd November

This shoot was our last session in the studio, and so we focused on getting any footage we needed, which came in handy as we had to retake the whole club scene with extra footage. We then delegated the rest of the time to publicity shots, as no other retakes were needed.
Call Sheet for the 24th November

Shootboard for 24th November

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