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Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Lighting and Set Design

Lighting is very important in our set ups, as it contributes so heavily to our shots as they are very minimalistic. This is a flat plan for our lighting set ups for each shot:

Silhouette performance:
This was a difficult shot to light, as we wanted to have little light to allow the silhouette behind the performer to be as strong as possible; having said that, we needed the performer to be lit enough on camera. We also wanted there to be shadows on her face, to create a more striking, darker and more contrasted image. When the performer steps back-wards to go into a silhouette herself, we turned off the lights that would usually light her so that she becomes silhouetted too (as you can see in the video below)

Wet performance:
This needed much more concentrated lighting focused on the performers face; and so we had to use many more ground lights and adjust them to light the performers face adequately, but also get the glimmer of the water on the performer. 
Ungraded version of the wet shot
On set for the wet performance shot

Fire Projection performance:
There was no need for lighting as the projection lit the whole shot, any extra lighting would dull the fire projection, which e wanted as vibrant as possible. We did however have to hold and position the projector in close proximity to the performer whilst doing the close up shots, so that we could ensure the face was lit properly.
Fore performance close up 
Josh holding the proctor for the close up

Rose performance:
This was quite a dark shot, with spotlights focused solely on the performer, allowing the background to be very dark, and creating a striking, contrasted image.
The rose performance shot used
Rose performance lighting set up

This set up was used for all of the concept shots, and was mainly spotlights on the subject (the back & drum shots); with the drums shot, we added a blue filter. With the bak shots, the lighting looked much brighter than it came out on the camera, as you can see from the pictures below. It must be noted that the exposure in the latter picture is very high, and the lighting was slightly darker in reality. However, you can see that the black curtains are lit on the set, but do not appear lit on the camera.
Ungraded shot of the back
Doing the make-up for the shot on set

Silhouette dance:
The silhouetted dance sequence was simple enough to light, as we simply had to light from behind the dancer. This allowed us to get some really good tones of skin, hair and clothing, whilst still keeping a type of silhouette; as you can see below.
The shot used in the video
Dancer on lit set

This was mainly a focus on colours, getting a club scene with blue and purple tones to appear authentic and recognisable as a club to audiences. This also meant that the lighting would be dim, which made the shot difficult to light at first as we didn't want the shot to be too dark and grainy. Hence, we used the coloured lights to light the scene. There are still shadows on faces, as you can see below, even in the close-ups, but this was acceptable to capture a club shot.
The club scene mid shot
the club scene close-up

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