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Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Performance Rehearsals

We were very fortunate that we didn't have many factors that led to time-consuming rehearsals, e.g. a band, group dance sequences etc, and the fact that myself and Harry were in the group and making this video,  meant we were constantly immersing ourselves in what we needed. Having said that, rehearsals were still key.

Silhouette Performance:
This shot, more than anything required rehearsals much like that of a dance sequence. Myself and the other actor, Josh, had to rehearse exactly what movements came when. This was particularly important as Josh was going to be behind a sheet (unable to see me) and I would have my back to him most of the time (unable to see him); but the interaction needed to constantly seem en masse.

We also had difficult movements to perfect, e.g:
  • Moving backwards staying facing the camera, but centrally, to aline with Josh behind,
  • Josh having to move down to the floor and try to move out of frame from there.
The captions on the video below illustrate these:

Fire Performance:
Our first rehearsal - me getting used to the projector
Our first rehearsal was in a classroom, not the studio, and I had to get used to performing in front of the projector. Because of the projector, I found that I didn't know where the camera was clearly, and felt a little disorientated & blinded by the constant flashing light. This wasn't so much of an issue in the static shots, but when the camera moved freely, it became more of a nuisance. Before pretty much every shot I had to do this to check my whereabouts etc.

In addition, I was constantly wary that direction could be thrown at me at any point. The fact that I could see anything behind the projector meant that my group had to shout direction at me whilst I was performing.

The narrative shots were similarly rehearsed, once we got on set, we spent a lot of time, as we had a whole day, setting up and rehearing the scenes.

          Setting up and Rehearsing the Kitchen Scene

Most of our other Performance rehearsals were done on the day on set, with lots of planning beforehand. The video below is an example of our on set performance rehearsals:

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