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Tuesday, 18 November 2014


The roles we needed to cast, and those we chose are below:

Character profile: The young (21) female PBR&B artist from London.
YsabelActor: Yssy (myself)
We decided that with my acting experience, and experience acting in a music video (the prelim) and therefore ability to lip sync, that this would be a suitable choice. Not only this, but we felt it would be more efficient to keep the roles within the group.

The boyfriend:
Character profile: This is the boyfriend of the artist, of whom she has a turbulent relationship. Whilst he must have chemistry and intimacy with the artist, he must also be able to show the opposite, as in various scenes they must be arguing and show really passionately negative emotions towards each other too.
MeActor: Harry
Wanting to keep it within the group as much as possible, we thought that Harry, whop is in our group would be a good selection. Another male was also put forward who wasn't from our group, but suited the role and had acting experience. The screen tests are shown below. From these we concluded that Harry and Yssy would be a better couple for the role.

Audition videos for the boyfriend can be seen below, we filmed an argument scene, and then a happy couple scene, to see how well the dynamics were for our happy and unhappy scenes.

We also auditioned another candidate for the role of the boyfriend, and the audition videos can be seen below.

However, in comparison to Harry, there wasn't as much natural chemistry and these videos show a lack of comfort, and were generally more awkward.

We also have a few other roles:
Josh StevensonSillhouette:
We originally cast Matt for this, however, Josh was able to rehearse with me a sequence for this shot, and Josh's shadow looked better as he had a bigger build, and so we cast him instead.



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