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Our Album Digipak
Our Album Digipak

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

The development of our website - Content

Once we had our style and general layout figured out, it was time to work on the content. The website is a promotional tool, something ultimately to encourage the audience to interact, purchase, and receive some form of gratification.

Purchase opportunities:


One of our most important purchase opportunities is our artist's debut album. Hence, we have constant reminders and opportunities to buy this:
The first thing you see on the homepage

The first thing you see to enter the site (on the landing page)
We added a count-down to this, as it encourages the audience to anticipate the album release, and reminds them of it's approach. We also added a discount coupon to encourage the audience to purchase immediately to get the deal whilst it lasts.

Online Store:
We made lots of merchandise in a variety of sizes and colours to attract audiences to buy this. Not only did we make merchandise for Roza, but we thought that it was a good opportunity to sell Raw Sound Records merchandise too. They can buy this straight from the website, and keep items in their shopping basket whilst browsing through the website, as the shopping cart appears on each page.
You can also pre-order the album, both the hard copy and digital copy, attracting and giving audiences the choice.
Signed Posters:
There are also a variety of posters available, signed in different coloured pens, by Roza. This, in particular, gives the audience a more intimate connection to the artist.
Merchandise in the online store

Live concerts: 
On the 'Latest' page audiences can see  dates and details for Roza's live concerts and tour, and are able to  buy tickets to them directly on the website, in the same way the  online store works.

Scrolling advert box:
Reminding the audience of purchase opportunities on the Homepage; the chance to see Roza live and buy tickets to that, and the chance to buy her album.
Advert scroller

Interactivity & Gratification:

From the very first landing page, the audience are shown the album real ease and invited to enter the website:
Encouragement to go to main site from the landing page

Live twitter feed
Social Media:
Instantly on the homepage there is a live twitter feed, with posts to encourage the audience to interact and follow Roza.
There is also a twitter 'follow' button at the corner of every page on the website, and at the bottom similar links to her twitter and instagram. 

Encouraging audience to follow
on Twitter - on every page

Link to Instagram and Twitter
 attached to footer

Audiences can also subscribe to get emailed exclusive updates on Roza and weekly newsletters, and are encouraged to do so constantly by this feature being at the bottom of every page.

Contact Page:
There is also a contact page with a personalised message to audiences encouraging them to contact Roza through the website system. There is also then a map and contact details of Raw Sound Records.
Contact Page
We created a competition to really get fans involved and gratify them as fans, which is shown at first on the Latest page, which is linked to it's own page:
Link on Latest page
'Competition' page

The competition itself also encourages audiences to:
  • Pre-order the album
  • Engage in social media activity and/or interactivity with the 'artist'

And gratifies them by entering them into a raffle to meet Roza, with runners up receiving signed posters.

Photo Gallery:
Audiences are encouraged to click and browse through exclusive publicity shots, and are able to access exclusive rebind the scenes photos from Roza's music video with personalised captions, which audiences are then encouraged to share on social media.

Articles on 'Latest' Page:
These encourage the audience to read about Roza and share these articles onto their social media pages where they can add their own opinions. 

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