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Wednesday, 10 December 2014

The development of our music video

Initial Music Video with my commentary:

We asked our teachers to watch our music video once we had put everything together, and the commentary below is a summary of that feedback, and my own added to it.

Following this, we began to develop our ideas on how to
1) better establish our artist identity, and
2) give our video a more structured and less disjointed structure.

We went about this by:
  • Making performance beds on our edit suits for each performance shot, so that we could look at all of the option we had to go back on.
  • Creating a close-up beauty shot to start the video and run throughout - establishing our artist. 
  • Re-shooting our performance shots and getting more close-up angles, which we previously lacked. 
  • Structuring the narrative so that it climactically has beginning, middle, and end; and introducing it once the performance shots have been put in.
  • Splitting up the concept shots, and looking through and pedantically picking specific points to put the concept in correlation wight he performance and lyrics. 
  • Using our performance shots to show different aspects of our artist, i.e. the roses shot is more angry, the fire shot more powerful and sexy, the silhouette shot is more timid and emotional and the beauty shot is more rounded. 

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