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Saturday, 19 July 2014

Personal achievement

The main achievement I'm looking for out of this A2 prelim is experience, in a a number of new and challenging areas. Firstly, the lip sync was a useful tool that I learnt and can utilize as someone wanting to work in the acting industry. It was also, and perhaps more prominently, useful; to act in front of a camera. Acting in front of the camera, as an actor so comfortable with stage acting, is a new and challenging experience which will be very useful; as an actor in the current industry, screen acting is very essential. In addition, acting in a music video is also very different, especially as someone who utilizes lines so much when acting. I want to be able to gain the skills necessary to act in a music video i.e. lip syncing, rhythm/timing to music, using more stylized movement skills without vocal skills etc.
I think that many of the things I would like to gain from this experience are those that will challenge me, although acting itself is within my comfort zone. Working with the camera is one of those, as stage acting is tailored to an often large theater and audience, while camera acting is tailored to the camera lens. The precision needed with music videos, especially a remake (i.e. lip syncing, adjusting movement to the music and rhythm etc) is also challenging as someone who is not used to acting with that restrictive precision.

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