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Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Evaluation: Question 2:

What have you learnt from participating in each of the prelim tasks?

  • Auditions
Before making the audition videos I had to learn how to lip sync properly. Filming and editing the audition video began my process of learning how to edit a music video, which was very different from my previous experience of editing footage. In my film editing experience continuity was one of the key features of editing, however in music videos continuity is marginalised. 
  • Performance rehearsals
Learning a new drama game (Woo-Haa!) was fun!The catwalk exercise and focal points/characterizations exercises were really useful for learning the stylized movement needed in music videos. Particularly for the very stylized characters, perfecting poses was crucial.

  • Performance/Shoot day
Firstly, I learnt just how much make-up was needed to look good on camera!

Whilst on set I spent a lot of the morning and school day waiting/watching/practising. Whilst waiting and watching I learnt a lot about how the whole filming process (particularly for music videos) worked which was very beneficial as I would like a career in the film industry. Going up to the gallery up was very beneficial too to see the more technical side of the shoot day.

On set filming was really a good experience of working in a professional way when filming and I learnt so much about the whole filming experience. In particular, with the burger scene, I learnt how something may seem natural but not actually look so natural on camera - when I looked back at the burger footage I realized that it looked so unnatural and not at all how I thought it was looking.

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