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Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Evaluation: Question 3:

Are you pleased with the footage and your edits? Is it how you expected it to look?

I am pleased that we didn't miss any shots and that the shots looked really professional and accurate (in terms of the original video), e.g. (the original video is in the right hand corner of the shots):

Additionally (as you can see) the set and costumes look really great and everyone's lips were in sync with the music. 

I wasn't completely pleased with the overall outcome of the grading as shots were a bit too grey at times:
for instance, in this shot, the original video had much more contrast and perhaps saturation than our version. However these are just small tweaks that I would have changed for shots if I had more time.

Some of the shots, like the one below, didn't turn out quite as I had expected:
Our shot:

Our original shot was very different than the original music video, so we had to spent a lot of effort grading it to make it look similar, but there was only so much we could do and this shot was slightly disappointing.
The original:

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