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Monday, 14 July 2014

Evaluation: Question 4:

How do you think your prelim experiences will impact on your approach to next term's music video coursework?

I think I'll have more fun and confidence in the audition videos. I think that I was quite nervous/embarrassed in the audition video, but will try and enjoy it more next time!

I saw just how much work is put into making the set and costumes look good. I think now I understand how the preparation for shoot day is much more intricate than the shoot day itself.  

The actual filming aspect didn't seem too complex as everything has to be changed around the camera to make the shot look good. There was a lot of time spent looking at what the shot looked like on the monitor and making changes around that.

 The lighting itself was very intricate, especially for scenes like the photography scenes. Even though up in the gallery there had already been arranged set lighting plans, on the day many changes were made, and so I would definitely prepare for that on the day.

I was actually very surprised that we got all of our shots and were finished filming at around 6/7pm. I thought during the day that things were going to overrun, but everything was done and finished around the times it was meant to, and I thought that the detailed schedule that we had (along with the First Assistant Director) was key in everything being done on the day. This included details like timings for everyone's make-up to be done in time for their shots.
First AD checking schedule:

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