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Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Initial research, influences and ideas - Audience

I conducted a survey to familiarize myself with the alternative audiences. I found that many of genre tastes which were more particular and less open, were formed when they were very young, and got even more specialist as they grew up, i.e. age 32, age 18 and age 50. Additionally, those candidates were all from one culture each, and so this may play a role in musical taste; whereas those who had a much more varied taste were also culturally varied too. However, my survey isn't large or specific enough for me to draw a definite conclusion on whether culture plays a part in variety of genre etc. The older generations seem to use more old-fashioned methods of consumption like CDs, experience, festivals and the radio. However, mp3 and phones were very popular among most candidates. A common uniting theme was the use of music as a diversion and escapism, showing that music for a majority is a method of recreational escapism, and also commonly for relaxation and to create a certain mood. 

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