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Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Initial research, influences and ideas - Inspirational websites

My favourite artist's website by far is that of Beyonce Knowles. Below there is a short video of some of my exploration of her website.

I firstly liked the simplicity of her options, and was intrigued to know what '#BEYGOOD' was. Once I clicked on it, it was a page packed with all of the charity and community work Beyonce is involved in, with pictures and information. I thought this was a really nice touch, and honestly it was very educational for me, and made me admire Beyonce. Within each charity/community work she has a connection to there were options to 'learn more' about those charities and organizations, and I thought this was a really brilliant feature. This is definitely going to increase Beyonce's fan base and so is good marketing in the sense that she is the product. There was also the option to 'Become An Ambassador' and to 'Like', 'Tweet' and 'Pin it' on posts which are a really good way of using the viral ability that web 2.0 enables. There were also products you could buy in aid of this cause, like a bag, which I thought was a good place to advertise products, as it would be more motivational after seeing all of her work.
I thought that the home page's style is something I personally liked and would like to adapt. There were various artistic and beautiful photos of Beyonce and her life, which alternated after a certain amount of time. I thought the pictures themselves were really beautiful shots, but it was also such a good way of making the fans feel connected to Beyonce and her life. Having these personal photos available, for instance of her child and her husband and their holidays etc, really establishes a connection which fans desire and those who may not be fans may appreciate and be intrigued by. When your mouse hovered over them it would say 'My Life' and if you clicked on that you could go through the whole album, as if Beyonce was your friend of Facebook, and actually there were options to share it of facebook, twitter, and pinterest.
In conclusion, I think Beyonce's website was the best website I saw because it really ensured a connection to her, it educated you on her life through information and photographs which were very personal. I think this is the sort of website fans would love, and those who may not be fans but interested, would be drawn in by the intimacy created by it. I think it is a very clever way of bridging that gap that fans often feel to super stars (especially of her status), and also of promoting the product which, essentially, is herself.

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