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Monday, 15 September 2014

Initial research, influences and ideas - Suitable tracks and artists

Solo artists:

Kimberly Anne
I think Kimberly Anne could be a good potential artist as she has quite a unique and distict voice. Her genres vary, which is always good as it can appeal to wider audiences that way. In this song, there is a mix of acoustic and indie which is a popular mixture.

  Sza has again a very unique sound, which is quite alternative pop here, but varies in general. This song is very happy and upbeat and so should be a good mode of escapism and creating a good mood, which is popular for audiences.

Paolo Nutini
Paolo Nutini also covers a wide range of genres, from soul to rock, which is always an asset. This song has a particularly American style rock and roll feel, with soul elements too. I think that with a voice that can be husky and deep, and then soft and soulful, he would be very popular especially among women. I think his sound is accessible and  to a very wide range of ages too, which is definitely an asset to a record label. For a solo artist, I think he's quite unique to have all of the assets he has.


Gold Fields
Goldfields have great appeal to younger generations in the indie rock genre. Their songs for instant, has very strong hook, key to this genre and for audiences. They have an american style to their singing and their music is very upbeat and fats paced. Their songs are very feel good and energetic, which audiences really enjoy for escapism and to create a mood - perhaps the most popular uses of music for audiences.


Bahamas also have a very upbeat vibe which would be great for escapism and creating a mood. Their style is quite alternative indie and accessible to a wide range of ages; I can't see, within reason, any age group between young teenagers to older adults feeling isolated by this group - unless of course it is to do with particular taste. Again, I think they have this relaxed and happy Californian feel to their music, which aids for audiences wanting to relax, escape or create a particular mood with their music - which most audiences do want to do.

 Bleachers have a more British feel, but similarly share an upbeat indie genre. I think Bleachers would appeal to a younger generation, although the themes of their songs are accessible to adults.The first song especially has a very catchy nature, with the chanting 'I wanna get better!' repeated continuously, I can see it taking off within it's genre and among a younger audience.

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