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Monday, 8 September 2014

Initial research, influences and ideas - Record labels

In this Media A2 coursework I am working for an independent record company, therefore my research will be primarily focused on the UK's independent record labels.
From my research on 'Pigeons and planes' (a 2013 article) I found out that independent labels account for about 30% of overall record sales. From this article I found out about many indie record labels:

Domino is regarded as one of the longest running and most successful British Record Labels, set up in 1993. It's genre focus is on indie rock and indie pop. They have expanded into Germany and Brooklyn NY now and handle U.S distribution.
A few artists I personally recognized among their list of artists:
Arctic Monkeys, Franz Ferdinand, Hot Chip. 
Rough Trade may be one of the oldest British Record labels, having been founded in 1978, and focusing on post punk, indie pop and underground rock. Rough Trade endured a 'rough trade' indeed, at one point becoming bankrupt and ending up in receivership. However, due to success with The Strokes and The Libertines, was able to restructure the company and stays active today.
A few artists I personally recognized among their list of artists:
Babyshambles, Buzzcocks, Islands, The Strokes, The Smiths, The Libertines, Arcade Fire, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes

XL Records is a great British example of an independent record label who thrives on a variety of genres. The list below demonstrates the wide variety of (well-known) artists that it incorporates.
A few artists I personally recognized among their list of artists:
Adele, The xx, Tyler the Creator, Vampire Weekend, Sampha, M.I.A, The Prodigy

Much like XL Records, Glassnote, whilst not being British Record Label (although it does have bases in London) was a useful example of an independent record label with a wide variety of genres, again exemplified by the artists below.
A few artists I personally recognized among their list of artists:
Half Moon Run, Two Door Cinema Club, Childish Gambino, The Temper Trap, Daughter, CHVRCHES, Daughter, Mumford & Sons

I think overall, I prefer this approach, probably because I am someone who listens to and enjoys a wide variety of genres. Whilst I respect that record labels like to specialize in a very particular genre, in order to perfect that market, I think that as record labels expand, they should be able to overcome that boundary, and include a variety of new and upcoming artists.

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