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Friday, 5 September 2014

Initial research, influences and ideas - My music consumption

I consume music regularly, for instance on the bus home from school. I listen to a range of music and the genre I choose to listen to varies on my mood, or the mood I want to get myself into. For instance if I want to get into a more hyperactive and excited mood, I would listen to more upbeat and perhaps less meaningful music. But if I am in a more thoughtful mood I would listen to something that has very thoughtful lyrics. Lyrics are very important for me and I prioritize the lyrics over any other part of the song. So while I don't entirely value the escapism that music can provide, in particular moods, as a distraction, I do listen to music for this.
Genre-wise I listen to a wide variety and am very open to any genre. One of the reasons I like listening to BBC radio 1 is because they play such a wide variety of music.
Being of Latin/Hispanic origins I listen to a lot of Hispanic music. On of my favourite Hispanic ballad songs is Enrique Iglesias and Marco Antonio Solis's 'El Perdedor':
                        I also love the song 'La Flaca' from a more hispanic rock genre, by Jarabe de Palo:

Additionally, I love the Orisha's ' Represent' which is more Latin Hip-Hop:

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