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Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Initial research, influences and ideas - Inspirational art and photography

I have found these photographs and paintings really inspirational, especially for album covers or art on the artists website.
I like this photo because the sky looks amazing, and it would be a good idea for an album cover to have a similar style, but with the writing saying the name or artists name.

I really love the colours in this picture, and the composition of the plants and the beautiful paintings.
Lai N. Nguyen
I love the composition and colouring of this painting. I think the pose of the woman is very beautifully seductive, and I like the fact the body melts/fades away . I think all of the colours dripping down the painting is also a really nice idea.

Emil Alzamora
This piece, to me, represents identity, and perhaps a ccrisis in identity or the variety of personas within one's identity. This, if thematically in tune with the artist, could work for album art.

Sun-Hyuk Kim
This piece would be an interesting piece of art for the album cover or website. This piece, to me, brings forward themes of love, relationships, human nature and the human mind.

Chad Wys
I think these are also very interesting and could work for album art. They're modern and abstract twists on classical pieces.

 Liu Zhan, Kuangjun and Tan Tianwei
I like how abstract these pieces of art are, and how they beutifully distrort the human body and face. The first piece of art I really love and I think it could work for certain themes from artists, i.e. love, distortion, identity, relationships etc.

Ed Chapman
I think that this could be a good idea for an album cover, and is a wonderful piece of art, and could work for an album cover

I really love the setting, colours, and cmposition of this photo, and think that it could work for an album cover. 

Alana Dee Haynes
I also think that this is something that could work for an album cover or website artwork. I like the idea of the artist in a certain position with drawings on top.

Rosie Hardy
Lastly, I think Rosie Hardy's art could be a great choice for an album cover or website art. Of course this is entirely dependent on the artist, but I will definitely use this inspiration i.e. the glitter, composition, lighting and concepts.

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