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Monday, 15 September 2014

Initial research, influences and ideas - Influences/Inspirations - More artistic and conceptual music videos

'Snap Out Of It', straight form the outset, has some really beautiful shots; the grading and quality of the shots works really well, and I also, as with many of my other reference videos, like the slow motion effect used. I like the intimacy of many of the shots, for instance the back of her neck (0:34) or her back (0:35). I also found it very unique and interesting the way they chose to include separate footage, that the woman is supposed to be watching, too, as it's very different from the high-quality, colourful footage. I also think that they way they play with the video and the music works really well, for instance 1:10; the way they go between shots on each beat and there is a clear progression in time, with the woman feeling worse and worse. They do this similarly after 1:58 which again, in my opinion, works really well, and I would like to, if possible, use this technique. Particular shots I like are after/starting at 2:51-4:07. In this, i partiuclarly like the shots that have the woman acting infront of/with projections of seperate images; I also really like the scenes where she is jumping around and dancing, I think this goes really well with the music; and I really like the end of the music video too. I think that the exterior noises, like the footage noises, steak sizzling, crying and pool noises work quite well. Normally I wouldn't want any noises apart from the music but I think it was justified and worked well.

I chose to reference the 1975's 'The City' because I really liked their style of video/concept.  I really liked, as I continue to reference, how they used motion, for instance in the beginning, it began very slow then suddenly speed up and went back into slow. I think that this, paired with the camera movement works really well. Once again, I also think that having different characters and narratives within the video also works really well, and I particularly think that this works well in this video. In particular, the fighting juxtapositioned with the equally as passionate kissing worked really well together, to create a sense of contrast and similarities in human behaviour. I think that this video narrates different sides to humans; emotions and actions, and there similarities - I think that was captured well with the different characters. I also really liked the projection onto bare bodies, and  how artistic and intimate many of the shots were.

 In this video 'Never Let Me Go' I really enjoy all of the artistic shots, I think that they play with focus, lighting and intimacy of shots in a really clever way. Again, they use slow motion which I really like, as I think it creates a dramatic detail which is really captivating. I think they have some really beautifully romantic and happy shots too which I really like. The camera movement in this work really well in my opinion, especially in those happy and romantic shots. I also quite like the fact you're not quite sure what's happening in the video too, however the music is coherent with the mood of the shots.

The xx's 'Chained' has some really beautiful shots, especially underwater and of the water. I think that the slow motion in the video works really well with the song, and I personally really like this effect, as I think it creates an almost surreal and very dramatically detailed shots. I also like the way they play with focus (e.g. 1:39) and the way they play with this theme of fluorescent lighting is very beautiful too. 

A purely performance video that I like is Ben Howard's 'The Fear'. I really love the lighting in this, I think it really gives the video a more artistic and unique feel. I also like how some shots are slowed down, for example the beginning, and the really intimate close up shots add a really beautiful quality to the song; especially as it is a very thoughtful and personal song, these intimate shots work really well. I really like the crowd shots and also like the juxtaposition between the empty concert hall and then the joyous filled hall with lots of people clapping and enjoying themselves. The shots after 2:36 are very artistic and I really love how they play with lighting, movement and sound.

What I like about The Weeknd's 'King Of The Fall' is the style of the video, i.e. the lighting, slow motion, atmosphere etc. I think overall I wouldn't use all of their video style, as I think it needs a bit more energy in my opinion, but I do really like the slow motion and attitude and atmosphere of the scenes. I also really like the shots of the people in the video (e.g. 0:50, 1:12-1:27,2:17-2:24, 2:17, 4:27, 4:40, 4:58, 1:52-2, 2:15). 
I really like the lighting in scenes (like 1:28, 2:55, 3:00, 3:25)

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