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Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Production Meetings Summary

We have two meetings, each around an hour and a half every week. These take place in the Media department in one of the classrooms at a table.
Generally, if we need to go on the internet for something, we get an iPad or two so that we can keep the group all around one table discussing ideas. And that was what our first few meetings consisted of, a discussion of ideas and thoughts on the project. As we all had such varying tastes in music we were showing each other various videos of music videos we admired, and tracks we initially like for the project. Luckily, although we differed in taste, the style we sought to achieve within the music video was very similar, and we worked off that common ground that we had finally found.

Once we found common ground, we were able to speed up the process and made our first four decisions during those meetings (audience, record label, track and artist). Once we had agreed on certain things, we then  wrote things down and mind mapped out our ideas and decisions. These images show some of our work during these meetings:

A lot of decisions and disvussions happened on other platforms, such as Facebook and Whatsapp. Whatsapp was more popular as it is much more instant for us, as we have it on our phones like messages/texts. We could include voice notes/recordings, images, videos and this proved useful.

Facebook was much more useful in the sense that we could share documents also, and post links to videos we uploaded to YouTube:

We also used an iMessage chat to speak, we found SMS based group chats easier as they were accessible anywhere as they were instantly on our phones, as seen in the latter screen shot when Matt says he is coming to the editing suite, we could use this anywhere, including in school. 

We found that we were in deliberation at many of our meetings and in many of our discussions. Having a platform to deliberate instantly was useful, as you can see from the iMessage image above, often one of us was in the process of doing something, for instance as seen in the screen shot, editing a shot for our music video, and so we were constantly deliberating decisions on the go swell as more formally in meetings and lessons.

We all had particular strengths and weaknesses which challenged and aided each other. For instance, we were all creative and had strong ideas for things, especially the music video and publicity shots, which sometimes challenged us to find a middle ground and work together.

We were all for the most part quite determined, and so delegation of particular roles helped the fluidity of our production process.

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