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Thursday, 16 October 2014

Our Animatic

The progression from the steal-o-matic to animatic included a lot of compromise. Our original ideas from the steal-o-matic would not be in reality possible, to do with equipment, budget and timescale. We had to really simplify our ideas, and be very realistic on what is possible, and what can actually get done within the restraints we had. This meant that lots of the more artistic shots, like the body projections, wouldn't be possible, or had to be changed, i.e. we then decided that a suitable alternative could be body art instead of the projections.
We kept original concepts like the theme of fire and ice throughout, and our narrative became more and more prominent. As we began to think about the loose narrative we wanted to include, we thought of more and more shots that we could include, and the narrative shots grew to become a bigger part than we originally expected. We still wanted our narrative to be obviously past memories, so will use techniques like dissolving and shots fading into shots and grading effects, which are shown to some extent in the animatic.

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