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Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Our Track

This is our chosen track, 'Teen Spirit' by Sza. We had to find a radio edit online, as it has a profanity in it. The quality wasn't as good however so the track above is the edit or the original track, with the radio edit version in for the few seconds where the profanity is. It is very important to have a clean version of the track, as it needs to be able to be played at any time, especially prime-time.

We chose this track for several reasons:
  • Firstly. it was within the PBR&B genre which is what we wanted. PBR&B Has elements of soul, r&b, hip hop and dubstep, and this track fell nicely in line with this. 
  • We felt there is a gap in the market for more alternative sounds like PBR&B.]
  • The artist Sza's vocals were very soul and we found that this is more of a convention for artists in this genre. 
  • There is a gap in the market for female artists in general, especially in PBR&B, in fact, we were quite astonished at how few there were when trying to find a track/artist and researching.
  • We thought that the music had ambient elements to it and  straight away whilst listening to it, we all could imagine making a music video in line with what we wanted to make.
The track was released by the artist Sza before she signed to her label Top Dawg Entertainment, therefore she owns the rights to the track herself. We contacted her on her official Twitter and Facebook page to ask for permission. We have yet to receive a response.

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