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Friday, 31 October 2014

Publicity shots

In the image above, I sketched out the type of poses and outfits we discussed for publicity shots, along with photos that coincide with the ideas. It has a very urban feel, without being too sexualised, which is what sometimes happens with females within the PBR&B genre. We didn't want to conform to this convention.

These were some photographical and sketched ideas for poses with the rose publicity shots. We have a strong link within our music video and within the album cover and so on, between her name - 'Roza', and roses. I think having a link like this can prove very useful, as it directly associates the two, and so when seeing a rose, the artist is thought about and her name is made more memorable. It's also useful that a rose is a beautiful flower, as it associates her with positive imagery and also links in with themes of love - which are present in her music.

To create a strong British identity, I thought it could be fun to do publicity shots like those above, with her playfully drinking tea, or eating 'nice' biscuits - something establishing her as a British or even London girl, and showing her in a more down-to-earth, relatable way. 

I also thought shots like these would be something a bit different and a bit more intimate and personal; having her in a domestic setting, with playful poses, again to create a sens of intimacy and relatability between artist and audience.

One of the first publicity shots we decided on as a group was inspired by an image seen on Jhene Aiko's website (image to the left), and thought that it would be good to have some shots of a similar style, as shown sketched above. The man's shirt connotes themes of love, relationships and sexuality, and so would tie in well with the artist's music.

Most of these require simple studio set-ups, on the white cyclorama and drawing the curtains for a black background; which makes it easy for us to set up, as we can control lighting and our environment in the studio.

We took reference from all of the cut out photos above, but also particularly from R&B and PBR&B artists:
Jhene Aiko:
Below is a compilation of some of the publicity shots we liked and why we liked them.

The simplistic and striking nature of them is reoccurring, and something we really want to capture with our artist Roza, working well to reflect her as an artist.

Below is a compilation of some of the publicity shots we liked and why we liked them.

What we mainly liked about Tinashe was her urban feel to her shots, in line with her genre, and her use of poses and expressions to convey different sides of her artist persona - something we want to do.

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