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Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Our Record Label


Our record label, Raw Sound Records, stemmed from various ideas from various existing record labels. We knew the genre of our artist and track from our audience research, and so went ahead looking at record labels within the PBR&B genre. We started off looking at what record label our original artist is from, Top Dawg Entertainment (TDE); we liked their approach as an independent record label, but felt that we should look at British independant record labels, and other too.
So we broadened the search to find other record labels, and the images below show some of the notes from this group production meeting:

 As you can see, we found that many of the record labels that appealed to us in terms of a model, were owned by Universal. Hence, we thought that being owned by a big conglomerate like Universal, but still being an independent record label,, would be the best model. This is because you ave the freedom of an independent record label, whilst enjoying the security and support of a well-established, well-connected and experienced conglomerate.
We finalized our record label like so:

Here are some photos and information about the other types of artists we would have in our record label, some are listed in the photo:

The Weeknd
PBR&B, Hip Hop

PBR&B, Pop, Soul

Jhene Aiko

FKA Twigs 
PBR&B, Trip Hop, Electronic

Joey Bada$$
Hip Hop

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