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Friday, 31 October 2014

Revised Animatic

Once we had a member of staff critique our animatic, we realized alterations were necessary.
We seemed to have gotten carried away with too much narrative - which we originally wanted to keep minimal in our music video.

Not only was there a lot of narrative in our video - but the fact the narrative shots were supposed to be memories wasn't clear enough; and so we realized we needed more intervals between the memory scenes, and a transition or perhaps grading effect that made it clear they were memories, which wasn't initially clear to those who viewed it.
These changes are evident in the revised animatic below.

We also realized that we needed to ensure that our artist identity was really prevalent throughout our video, as many of the performance shots were towards the mid/end of the music video.
This actually worked well with our other problem above, as we could move a lot of the performance shots around and in between the narrative shots. We simply had to go through and restructure the order of our music video, which is also evident below.

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