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Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Our Artist

We noticed a big gap for UK female artists in the PBR&B genre. For this reason, we thought that a female PBR&B artist would be beneficial. Conventions for these artists usually dictate that the females are more soulful and R&B and males are more hip-hop and dubstep.

We thought a name that would suit the genre would be something that is short and snappy, but also alternative e.g. Jene Aiko, The Weeknd, Sza; and decided on Roza.

We decided that are artist image would be similar to the photos below:

This is quite an urban style, with an emphasis on urban fashion and attitude, which conforms to conventions of the females within the PBR&B genre, and therefore will make her instantly recognizable and distinguished. However, we didn't want to over-sexualize our artist, which is what can often happen within the genre.

This Worlde image shows the type of person we want our artist to be:

                            This is a summary of our key decisions when creating our artist:

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